What has made them move forward? The rating of unbelievably successful writers online!

Consumers like situations where they not only find services they can trust, but ones that have been used by people they can relate to. This explains why a magazine which reports on consumers, suppliers, brands and trends like the Consumer Report can be a hit for so long.

Even in the Internet age, sellers have to prove themselves worthy every time. That’s why even e-commerce companies have incorporated a customer reviews section to not only help them discover stellar sellers, but also so they can discover those whose customers have the worst experiences.

Essay writing companies on the other hand, lack an elaborate customer reviews section for its consumers. This exposes a lot of their customers to fraudsters and other rogue operatives who’re in the industries.

Students as consumers

Students spend a lot of money buying various products or accessing services. By the virtue of the definition of the word alone, students who spend money are consumers whether they’re buying a text book or getting an essay done. This means that they should be protected or given as many options when they are buying whatever they are buying.

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Why audit essay writing companies

There are virtually millions of websites representing essay writing companies. Despite millions of students benefiting from these companies, a good number among them has either lost money with a rogue essay writing company, or has suffered as a result of the actions of an essay writing company. Our research has shown that when consumers take their time to study what each service provider does for them, the chances of them making a careless mistake drop significantly. That’s why we have come up with this website. Students coming here will not only find reviews that will enable them choose their essay writing partners smartly, but they’ll also achieve excellence in school.

How blogtbt.com works

We continually boost our user base mainly composed of students. They come to our website to check out various services they’re also able to leave a comment about a service they have used in the past. We allow them to grade essay writing companies on the basis of a few customer experience elements we have identified. Some of them include cost, quality of work, etc.

We also send some of our auditors to check out essay writing companies. For this, we create a summary that describes the capacity of each essay writing service provider.